Project Objectives

1. To develop validated measurement methods that are:

  • robust,
  • readily implementable,
  • cost-effective and
  • capable of reliably measuring the number of particles in the range of 1-100nm diameter and to compare this to the measured number of particles from 1nm up to many micrometer or even mm diameter.

This will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of existing methodologies and a rigorous intra-lab and inter-lab comparison.

Case studies will assess the applicability of the developed measurement methods and instruments for various sectors, including food/feed, cosmetics etc.

2. To develop a decision framework and a classification procedure based on a two-tiered set of rigorously validated methods: the NanoDefiner e-tool.

An accompanying user manual will be created to guide end-users, such as manufacturers, regulatory bodies and contract laboratories, to implement the developed methodology


The NanoDefiner decision flow scheme designed to integrate all project results and guide users by means of a decision tree, with specific user manuals complementing each laboratory activity.