Joint Seminar on NanoSafety
- ProSafe
- NanoDefine, NanoValid

Background Information and Motivation

Consumer acceptance of nanomaterials and their products depends on a high level of public awareness regarding health and safety issues. This Seminar focuses on the current progress and status of work to integrate Safe-by-Design into the development and manufacture of nanomaterials and nano-products.

The SIINN Era Net consortium for "Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" explains the new "Consolidated Framework for EHS of Manufactured Nanomaterials" and presents the results of some SIINN projects.

The NANoREG Guidance Document gives a specific description of selected nanoma terials, the dispersion protocols to be used for their characterization, as well as the minimum requirements to be applied for the in vivo, in vitro and eco-toxicological studies in NANoREG.

Uncertainties and risk potential will be identified at an early stage and can be reduced by alternative solutions based on NANoREG’s Safe-by-Design concept, which can be applied to all or parts of the innovation process of nanomaterials and nano inspired products.

PROSAFE will – beside other objectives - facilitate and promote the acceptance of Safe by Design in industry’s innovation processes by launching common calls and twinning of projects.

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